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About Us

Australian Coastal & Marine Ecology provides first-class environmental consulting services, unique in our capacity to provide specialist advice across aquatic and terrestrial environments throughout Australia. Our professional consulting services in freshwater, estuarine, marine & terrestrial environments are unsurpassed. Australian Coastal & Marine Ecology’s success is principally a result of outstanding Ecologists, innovative and practical solutions to complex environmental issues, strong support by robust quality and environmental management systems, and cost effective solutions. Our balanced approach to Science and Management give our clients the confidence and security in knowing innovative solutions will be achieved.

Our blend of robust scientific methodologies and cost effectiveness offer our clients’ customised, innovative solutions that add value for money.

Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology’s core values are embedded in our culture of achieving “Excellence in Environmental Consulting.” Our company was established on the following fundamental principles regulating our daily operations:

  • Precision Consulting services
  • Supporting our clients’ needs
  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Delivering value for money projects of the highest quality
  • Employing rigorous scientific methodology
  • Achieving innovative and practical solutions

Industry Consulting

  • Industry Consulting
  • Dredging
  • Local, State &Federal Governments
  • Marine Infrastructure
  • Mining, oil & gas
  • Multimodal Transport Infrastructure
  • Pollution& Contamination
  • Ports and Development
  • Power & Energy
  • Private Consulting
  • Reservoirs and Water Quality



Aquatic Excellence

  • AUSRIVAS Surveys
  • Boat Based Research
  • Contamination Investigations
  • Coral Surveys& Monitoring
  • Diving for Scientific Purposes
  • Fauna Surveys
  • Flora Surveys
  • Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Assessment, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Habitat Assessments
  • Macrofauna, Microfauna & Meiofauna Surveys
  • Mangrove & Marine Plant Surveys & Offset Strategies
  • Reef Surveys
  • Restoration Plans
  • River & Waterway Health Monitoring
  • Seagrass Monitoring
  • Sediment Sampling and Analysis
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Wetland surveys & monitoring




We understand the environmental risks associated with industry development and respond promptly when presented with a range of environmental issues, offering support for our clients on complex issues, often involving:


  • Acid Sulfate Soils
  • Pollution
  • Water Contamination
  • Environmental Threats
  • Potential Environmental Harm
  • Soil Contamination
  • Endangered or Threatened Species Threats
  • EPBC Referrals
  • Transition Environmental Management Plans


Our response to adverse environmental impacts is quick and efficient, offering a range of situation-specific solutions and management strategies for our clients. Our skills in linking ecological processes to the risks posed by development and construction activities offer faith in precise management and mitigation solutions.






Value for Money

Our specialist Ecologists and Environmental Professionals are well renowned as an authority within the discipline, which allow Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology to influence industry and Government authorities on decision making.

This unique position is invaluable to our clients, which is one of the supplemental reasons why Australian coastal and Marine Ecology is highly sought after as the consultant of choice.

Our value is not only a product of exceptional quality Environmental Professionals, but in our breadth of understanding of aquatic and terrestrial environments. Our value is imbedded in our ability to link ecological processes to the nature of the impact through experience, a combination of rigorous science & cost balance, precision experimental design, adequate planning, hands-on approach and client focus. This is why Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology succeeds in “Excellence in Environmental consulting.”


Supreme Quality

Our supreme quality is marked in our fieldwork, laboratory, Ecologists and product outputs and is unparalleled in the environmental consulting industry. Our professional consulting services established by highly qualified and experienced Ecologists and Environmental professionals are offered to all three tiers of Government, mining, oil, gas and private companies. Our core structure, underpinned by supreme quality and client focused solutions to complex issues, has enabled Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology to establish foundations as prominent innovative industry leaders in the Environmental discipline.




Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology explore and apply innovative and cost-effective solutions to everyprojects from concept to completion.

Our access to cutting edge scientific equipment both in the field and in the laboratory, allow Australian Coastal & Marine Ecology to explore a range of innovative industry leading solutions.


Client Focused

Our client driven approach and hands on experience in the field ensures our clients of boundless commitment to getting the job done right. Our philosophy of “getting the job done right the first time” offers our clients the security of knowing that our company guarantees high quality specialist consulting services.

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