Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology

Who we are

Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology (ACME) is an independent environmental consultancy specialising in environment, science and ecology on major infrastructure projects across aquatic and terrestrial environments.

We have worked on billion-dollar projects, providing services from project concept, through to construction and post-construction monitoring. ACME is trusted by local, state and federal regulators, assuring our clients that the risk of environmental harm is managed. We do this through precision planning, robust design, and implementation of purpose-built programs.

Embedded in our core values is our commitment to excellence in environmental consulting. From ecological assessments and environmental monitoring and management to rigorous science and innovative, customised solutions, our specialist services are unparalleled.

At ACME, we understand the environmental risks and legislative requirements associated with development and construction activities and we are dedicated to helping you get the best environmental outcomes for your project.

Our ability to think on our feet and respond to on-the-ground challenges with professional and practical solutions means you can have confidence that your project will be completed efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.

We understand that urban development and infrastructure construction is essential, and we believe that we can achieve development outcomes in a better way. We know that the only way to create a sustainable future is developing innovative solutions at an affordable cost to our clients. We do this by challenging current frameworks and developing innovative solutions to complex environmental problems.

Problems we solve for our clients

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